The feet and ankles are the foundation of which our entire body relies on. We are generally on our feet a good part of the day. Therefore, the way we move on our feet or the “gait cycle” is very important to know to understand feet and ankle pain. Overpronation (the overrolling of our feet when we walk) can lead to loss of arches and joint dysfunction. This can lead to feet and ankle pain. Other gait abnormalities may also lead to feet and ankle pain.

Old injuries to the feet and ankles and muscle imbalance are a common cause of joint dysfunction leading to inflammation, pain, and degeneration. Chiropractic doctors are experts in correcting the joint dysfunction in the feet and ankle that can be adding to the feet and ankle pain.

The doctors at Newman Chiropractic are experts at alleviating your pain, correcting joint dysfunction, and the causes of your joint dysfunction, so your feet and ankle symptoms do not return.

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