Leg pain can be caused by many different injured tissues. The muscles in the back of the thigh can be too tight or too weak causing pain in the back of the leg. The piriformis muscle, located under the gluteal muscles can become in spasm referring pain down the back of the gluteal muscle and back of the thigh. The sacroiliac joints and or facet joints can become dysfunctional referring pain down into the gluteal area and back of the thighs. Discs can become damaged, causing inflammation around the sciatica nerve resulting in leg pain.

Hip joints can become dysfunctional referring pain down the iliotibial band of the outside of the upper leg. Bottom line there are many different reasons for what is causing your leg pain. Joint dysfunction is a common cause for leg pain. Joint dysfunction in the low back and/or pelvis is commonly caused by blunt trauma, accumulative trauma, an old injury that didn’t heal correctly, muscle imbalance or poor gait (the way we walk).

Chiropractic doctors are experts in correcting the joint dysfunction that can be causing your leg pain. The doctors at Newman Chiropractic are experts at alleviating leg pain, correcting joint dysfunction, and the causes of your joint dysfunction, so your leg pain does not return.

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