Low back pain is the most common complaint during pregnancy. This is due to the body changes that occur while being pregnant. The body produces a hormone called relaxin during pregnancy. Relaxin allows the ligaments to soften while the pelvis widens to allow the for the fetus to grow and eventually deliver. When the pelvis expands the sacroiliac joints tend to lock-up, causing inflammation to develop and pain to be experienced.

This can result in not only low back pain but leg pain (sciatica) as well. Body changes during pregnancy can also affect other areas of the spine. As the baby grows, posture can change causing upper back and neck pain. Chiropractic doctors are experts in correcting the joint dysfunction that can be causing your pain during pregnancy. The doctors at Newman Chiropractic are experts at alleviating pain during pregnancy, correcting joint dysfunction, and the causes of your joint dysfunction, so your pain during pregnancy does not return.

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