Stress is the excitement, feeling of anxiety and/or physical tension that occurs when psychological (emotional), physical, and chemical demands exceed a person’s ability to cope. Stressors are either emotional, chemical, or physical. All three cause the exact same stress response in the body.

The sum effect of the three stressors result in how much stress we experience, and the amount of disease and disability develops. Pain is a physical stressor and increases your overall stress load. Physical pain is often a result of inflammation caused by joint dysfunction. Chiropractic doctors are experts in correcting the joint dysfunction that can be causing your pain and increasing your overall stress level.

The doctors at Newman Chiropractic are experts at alleviating the pain, correcting joint dysfunction, and the causes of your overall stress level. At Newman Chiropractic we also have techniques and technology to reduce the emotional stressors. Chemical stressors are identified by certain lab tests and can be helped nutritionally.

Call us today to begin the process of a pain free life. The first step to relief from your pain causing your overall stress level to increase is to schedule a free consultation in our office to discuss the specifics of your case.